Dining in Toulouse

Toulouse, France is a city that is filled with great choices when it comes to fine dining. Whether a person desires a romantic evening out, fresh seafood, or a delicious pizza pie, Toulouse has a restaurant for any occasion.

The best place to find fresh seafood in Toulouse is Brasserie des Beaux-Arts. Brasserie des Beaux-Arts a fantastic brasserie that takes its nom de plume from a school for the fine arts in the area. It sits in a romantic and scenic spot on the Garonne's banks. The specialty at this restaurant is the delectable shellfish. Diners can pick their shellfish meal from a stall. With a set menu that includes fole gras salad or fish soup, confit de canard or steak topped with anchovy cream, any diner should be able to easily get his fill of mouth-watering food. The star of the a la carte meun is the house Beaux-Arts sauerkraut. Other signature dishes are the vegetable kebabs, the fishermen's casserole, and the cod slices that are served in apple and bread crumbs.

For people who are in the mood to enjoy Italian food, there is no better choice than Pizzeria Vecchio. Pizzeria Vecchio has a gorgeous terrace for dining outside when the weather allows. The dining rooms are beautifully styled in Renaissance decor. Vibrant pizzas and fresh pastas are present, but the house specialties are the most popular. these include osso bucco, steak and gorgonzola, and the Vecchio escalope that is served with cheese, asparagus, and a white wine sauce.

For traditional French cuisine, L'Autre Salon de Thé cannot be beat. L'Autre Salon de Thé is discreet from the outside, but bursting with charm inside its doors. Porcelain, pottery and crystal creates an interesting decor for the establishment. Lunch includes tasty choices, like tarts, beef casserole, fole gras salad, and salmon and lentils. Popular dinner dishes include fole gras served hot, salmon tartar using freshly caught salmon, and a myriad of many more delicacies. Most popular with patrons are the restaurants desserts and teas. The tea selection is unparalleled and offers a tea to sate any thirst. One of the most beloved desserts is the sliced fridge square.

Toulouse, France is an incredible place for anyone who likes to enjoy a good meal.